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Theme is represented by symbols in that pyramid, the icons such as candles in a story about being lost. Theme, and knowing yours, makes writing your queries easier. Your motivations for your characters are your primary concerns in early drafts. The needs and conflicts of the characters drive your plot.

Writestuff writers online writers community

Carol Tice When I got started in freelance writingit was tough to get published. Today, the situation is reversed. Your work is out there, before the entire world. Sign up writestuff writers online writers community one of the untold hundreds of websites that promise you awesome exposure on their platform.

Exposure, waste of time, or worse? Some of the scams out there could even damage your reputation if you get involved. One day this week, I got three offers to sign up with writer website platforms in a single day.

writestuff writers online writers community

I discovered there are many flavors of ripoffs and scams going on out there right now. Case 1 Write about your advertisers?

Smells to me like this guy is affiliate selling this platform and maybe making a cut if I sign up with them. Or trying to — I tried that page and got a Sites like these connect you with advertisers who want exposure on your blog.

They might pay you a small fee for posting a paid review on your blog, or for seeding a link to something onto your home page. We just want your voice. Sounds more like what they really want is to rent my audience, without full disclosure.

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And if you do disclose it, your trust is blown straight away. Then he offers a recipe that includes an ingredient from that company, all while clearly explaining that the company challenged him to create a type of recipe with their food, and that they are the sponsor of the post. I think food blogs are well-suited to this sort of thing, and sites that do product reviews regularly.

Many other types of blogs are not. Ditto with slapping up ads that might just annoy readers. Case 2 Took a look at the home page first, rather than that subpage link he sent me, and got this: Aside from a stock graphic, the home page was empty.

I consider that a pretty big red flag. On the subpage, I did actually find some text. Writers are invited to collaborate on stories in a wiki format where anyone can change your work. Bet writers are just stampeding to have their work rewritten by strangers. You can publish on your own blog free, too, and keep total control of your work.

Is it really a scam? Case 3 Finally, I received this comment on my blog: Yes, the ungrammatical URL is a red flag. Wow, sign me up!

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I consider these scams because of how they lure you with the promise of pay, but there rarely is any. Got the following results: Me Seek Articles is ranked over ,th globally, and Ever-Changing Story is too small to have any ranking data at all. To sum up, when someone emails you or posts on your Facebook page offering you an opportunity to sign up to write somewhere, be cautious.

Good clients usually just need one or two. It will never pay well. Look for things like: Steer clear of these and keep looking for real, paying markets. What do you think of these offers?

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Leave a comment and give us your reaction.Creative Writing Courses and Ideas: An Online Resource for Writers. This site has some paid content, so be careful where you click, but their free resources are great for .

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The weekly Writestuff column is a good place to start, but there are other sources. The New Jewish Book Festival at the Mandell Jewish Community Center in authors who teach there as well.

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