Write an article on corruption in nigeria university

Messenger Countries plagued by corruption can attest to the fact that, once it becomes entrenched, it can be found in all sectors of an economy.

Write an article on corruption in nigeria university

It is associated with lower levels of economic development, slower economic growth, poverty and conflicts. This vice is literally dismembering our country. How about parents buying examination papers for their wards in advance? Perhaps, the most obvious institution where we see the manifestation of corruption in full glare in our everyday life is in government institutions — particularly the Police Force, the Customs and the civil service.

Nigeria is a classic case of what corruption can do to a country. I do not see us making any meaningful progress unless we begin to turn the tide by making deliberate attempts at self-evaluation and diagnosis- looking inwards to the root causes of this issue and taking decisive steps to begin to nip it in the bud.

There have been many debates about why corruption has bitten so deeply into the very fabric of our society. Perhaps the most frequently cited is that poverty is write an article on corruption in nigeria university root cause of corruption in Nigeria and that many are forced to subsidise their income through corruption because they are poorly paid.

Having established that corruption in Nigeria is much deeper than River Niger itself, nobody is coming nearer to diagnosing or prescribing the remedy. The question here is what can we do about it?

I refuse to agree with the argument that because people are poor or receive poor wages, then they should be corrupt and that if you need to stop corruption, you must end poverty first. Poverty doubtless is a great contributor to corruption but how about the numerous cases of political office holders who are being tried for corrupt practices, are they poor too?

My attempt to add my two cents to the discussions on corruption in Nigeria is the impetus for writing this thought-provoking argument, as I take a closer look at how the educational system is intricately linked in a cyclical fashion to corruption in Nigeria, by breeding corrupt citizens and by consequence, corrupt leadership.

This is a theory that could be accepted or challenged, nevertheless one that I believe must be shared. Studies have shown that a good education attainment is strongly correlated with fast economic growth and the development of a nation.

On an individual level, education has been shown to be helpful in reducing illegal behaviour, increasing civic responsibility and improving social cohesion. One could relate this to corruption, as more educated people may value the long-term societal good, a less corrupt state, over immediate personal gratification which could be gained through bribe paying.

On a societal level, education impacts social cohesion, which is the acceptance of and support or social norms and behaviours. By promoting social cohesion, education fosters adherence to a social contract.

If good citizenship is associated with non-corrupt behaviour, then education could reduce corruption participation at the societal level through improved social cohesion. All of these outcomes suggest that education attainment should lead to less corrupt individuals and nations.

This outcome is not assured, however, and the effect that education has on corruption and other social vices would largely depend on the content of the curriculum and the prevailing environment in which education is being given.

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With great despair, I write that this seemingly fundamental fact that education attainment should be directly proportional to a less corrupt society is one that cannot be assumed or taken for granted as being true in Nigeria.

This is because our education system is largely flawed and deeply ingrained with corruption.

write an article on corruption in nigeria university

Children learn societal norms and behaviours through their schooling. This brings to the fore the importance of the concept of institutional culture.

The more years students spend in a system with a warped culture, the more they may come to accept such culture as corruption, as a social norm, an acceptable behaviour hence the more likely they may conform to this as of a second nature.

This in essence means that education provides more opportunities to get involved in bribery, therefore more highly educated individuals are more likely to pay bribes. For example, an individual with a university degree may be more likely to own a business, be involved in public affairs, or be involved in other activities that would bring them in contact with government officials.

Additionally, the more educated an individual is, the more likely he is to have a well-paying job and a higher value of time — which could lead individuals to place a higher value on quick service delivery, making bribe paying more worthwhile and more likely.

Our corrupt leaders are merely products of a distorted society; they have emerged from our broken system. We, through our deranged mindset, voted them in despite their not so impressive track records. Thus, it is scarcely absurd that our educational system has been unable to actually bear good fruits for the majority.

write an article on corruption in nigeria university

A few months ago, I read about some male public secondary school students who tried to rape their colleagues in the full glare of adults working in their offices.Corruption in Nigeria education sector are very alarming and worrisome. This impediment has crumbeled the country potentials.

I am convinced that quality education is the bedrock or channels through which every country produces her future leaders, thinkers, politicians, teachers, workers .


Corruption is eroding higher education’s benefits. Wachira Kigotho 05 October Issue No Join us on. Follow us on. From Morocco to South Africa and from Kenya to Nigeria, corruption afflicts higher education.

There are also cases where academics contract pseudo researchers to write papers and have them published on their. This article examines corruption in Nigeria’s development sector, particularly in the vastly growing arena of local non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Once again, the issue of corruption has come to the fore; corruption is everywhere in Nigeria and it is the major cause of poverty. It is associated with lower levels of economic development. An article about corruption in nigeria.

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This article examines the publication and reception of my book about corruption in Nigeria as a form of ethnographic evidence that is useful to interrogate the fraught relationship between the concepts of culture and corruption.

The evidence points to multiple misunderstandings—but also to the powerful political purposes for which accusations of corruption .

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