Wine industry in canada

Bonfort's releases its maiden list of the Top Wineries that have distinguished themselves from the competition for The list names Caldwell Vineyard U.

Wine industry in canada

Besides wine trading and distribution, wine-related business includes auction, retailing, warehousing, catering and transportation. Since the removal of all duty-related customs and administrative controls in FebruaryHong Kong has further developed into a wine trading and distribution centre for the region, particularly for the Chinese mainland.

Hong Kong has entered into an agreement with the mainland Chinese Government, allowing wine imports to go into China under CEPA and enhanced customs facilitation measures. Since Novemberthe customs facilitation measures have been extended to all ports in all 42 Customs Districts in the Mainland.

Industry Features Hong Kong has a significant pool of experienced fine wine merchants with good wine knowledge and international wine trade experience. Amid the growing demand for wine in Asia, the Hong Kong government removed all duty-related customs and administrative controls for wine in February to facilitate the development of Hong Kong as a wine trading and distribution centre for the region, particularly the Chinese mainland.

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Following the deregulation, development of the wine industry has accelerated. The number of participants in these courses reached over 8, inrepresenting an increase of more than two times as compared with about 2, participants in This makes the city an unrivalled gateway to China, attracting industry players from around the world to launch or expand their business in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, being a duty-free port with good air connectivity and storage facilities, is regarded by Asian investors as the most cost-effective and convenient distribution hub to store their investment-grade wines for delivery to their markets on-demand.

Virtually all exports are re-exports of imported wines with Asia being the major market.

Wine industry in canada

In January-Junetotal exports of wine dropped by Most of the imported wines originated from European countries such as France and the United Kingdom, but there has also been a significant share coming from Australia in recent years.

In volume terms, Hong Kong imported Sales Channels To facilitate Hong Kong as a trading and distribution hub for the region, the Hong Kong government has signed co-operation agreements with Australia, Chile, France and its Bordeaux and Burgundy regionsGermany, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Spain and the United States and its Oregon and Washington states to strengthen promotional activities in areas including wine-related trade, investment and tourism.

Various wine promotional activities, including seminars, wine tastings, receptions and food pairings, also take place in Hong Kong. In particular, trade fairs in Hong Kong provide good business matching opportunities, support new wines and labels launches, and facilitate market testing on Asian Palette.

Below is a list of selected trade fairs in the industry. Domestically, wines are sold through off-trade channels such as supermarkets, specialty stores and convenience stores, and on-trade channels such as bars, restaurants and club houses.

For toit is forecast to grow 5. Industry Trends While wine consumption is flat or sinking across much of Europe, the global attention has shifted to Asia. Consumers in Asia are increasingly wine savvy and their demand for wine remains strong. For toit is forecast to grow 6.

For toit is forecast to grow Due to the growing demand for wine in Asia and the deregulation of wine imports, wine business has boomed in Hong Kong. Besides new entries, increasingly, international wine companies and their specialists have moved to Hong Kong.

On the other hand, while Hong Kong is well recognised as the culinary centre in the region, wine matching with Asian cuisine becomes a trend in the form of food and wine appreciation sessions held by restaurants and hotels. Responding to rising demand and driven by market forces, public as well as private training institutions are enriching or expanding their wine appreciation courses and developing enhanced manpower training programmes.

For instance, the Vocational Training Council VTC offers trainings to personnel ranging from sommeliers to frontline catering staff, and provide training on food and wine pairing, wine appreciation and other wine-related matters through the International Culinary Institute, its member institute.

To support on-demand delivery to Asian market, storage facilities are necessary and being built and converted in Hong Kong.Creating Sense of Place with Ontario Wines.

Ontario's wine industry has grown and matured for nearly two hundred years. Stretching mostly across the southern part of the province, Ontario wineries take advantage of a temperate climate, enhanced by the diversity of glacial soils and the moderating effect of the Great Lakes, to produce mature fruit and complex wines.

The market value of the wine industry was worth approximately billion Canadian dollars in and is forecast to reach almost 11 billion Canadian dollars in The largest producers of wine in Canada were Ontario and British Columbia, with an accumulated of Canada’s wineries in Looking for the perfect accompaniment for your favourite wine?

Check out our Impressive Pairings for delicious, easy to make recipes and the wines that best compliment them.

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Wine industry in canada
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