What makes john paul one of the greatest leaders of the united states navy

Naval Academy January 5, Secretary Spencer, Captain Lang, distinguished guests, family, friends, and most especially, classmates from the Class ofthank you for braving the hazards of this cold weather and for taking time from your busy schedules to be here this morning here in Annapolis. Thanks also to my personal staff and the staff here at the Academy for making the arrangements for this event.

What makes john paul one of the greatest leaders of the united states navy

World History Famous Military Leaders This is a compilation of famous military leaders whose strategic influence shaped the way history unfolded. This list includes the honorable, the despised, and the courageous military leaders who were not afraid to fight against all odds. The compilation includes leaders, those ranked and those whose command pre-dated the formal establishment of ranks, as well as senior commanders in irregular militaries who may not hold rank.

Here are the greatest military leaders in history presented in chronological order. Military Leaders of Antiquity King David c. China An ancient Chinese philosopher, strategist, and military general who is said to have written The Art of War, an ancient Chinese text on military strategy.

He is famous for his leadership at the Battle of Thermopylae.

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Alexander the Great BC Nation: Greece Established one of the largest empires of the ancient world, with boundaries from the Ionian Sea to the Himalayas. One of the most succesful military commanders, he was undefeated in battle.

Punic Carthage A great military leader with successful skirmishes against the Roman Republic. Hannibal lived during a time of heavy conflict in the Mediterranean.

Thracia Former gladiator who became an accomplished military leader of the slaves during the Third Servile War, a massive slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Julius Caesar BC Nation: Roman Republic Accumulated vast military power.

His actions eventually led to his assassination, civil wars, and the creation of the Roman Empire. Titus AD Nation: Hadrian AD Nation: Great reputation as a military administrator and emperor. Hadrian was a philhellene and a humanist. Marcus Aurelius Nation: He was regarded as a Stoic philosopher and the last of the Five Good Emperors.

He believed in finding and preserving equanimity in the midst of conflict by following nature as a source of inspiration and guidance. Saint Constantine or Constantine I. Roman Emperor from to First Roman emperor to convert to Christianity.

Attila the Hun c. Hunnic Empire Reigned as ruler of the Huns from — One of the most feared enemies of the Eastern and Western Roman Empires during his reign. Scotland A king of the Scots who is best known from the fictional account by William Shakespeare.

In the fictional account, he is portrayed as evil and ruthless. In reality, he was an able monarch who was greatly admired. Normandy First Norman King of England, reigning from until his death in Egypt, Syria Founded the Ayyubid dynasty. Kurdish Muslim who became the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria.

Genghis Khan Nation: The empire became the largest empire in history. Kublai Khan Nation: Mongol Empire Grandson of Genghis Khan.— The two Navy leaders who had a profound impact on the Navy of the s the Department of the Navy primarily consists of the operating forces of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps.

What makes john paul one of the greatest leaders of the united states navy

However, while both Services are addressed in a single chapter of the U.S. Code, Congress clearly outlines the distinct roles of each.

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USS JOHN PAUL JONES (DDG 53) honors the Father of the American Navy. At one point, she encountered refugees packed aboard a small boat and helped them with food, medical supplies, and a compass. She later escorted a refugee convoy before heading for home on 17 May. This is an official United States Navy Website.

What Makes John Paul One of the Greatest Leaders of the United States Navy. "John Paul II: The Millennial Pope" is as much a film about leadership as it is the story of the Pope and the Catholic Church. What does it mean to be a leader? How does one become a leader?

What makes john paul one of the greatest leaders of the united states navy

John Paul Jones's spirit of optimism and enthusiasm has been a part of our Navy since the American Revolution. A leader never compromises absolutes. Defense of American freedom and obedience to the Constitution of the United States are two absolutes the Naval Service lives by, and for which our Sailors and Marines may face death.

John Paul Jones A founder of the U.S. Navy John Paul was born at Arbigland, Kirkbean, Kirkcudbright, Scotland, 6 July Apprenticed to . The United States Navy (USN) is the naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the United States. It is the largest and most capable navy in the world, [6] [7] [8] with the highest combined battle fleet tonnage [9] [10] and the world's largest aircraft carrier fleet, with eleven in. The day-to-day duty of every Navy man and woman is to work together as a team to improve the quality of our work, our people and ourselves. These are the CORE VALUES of the United States Navy.

Home / Navy Life / Leadership / Swearing in of Thomas Modly, Under Secretary of the Navy. quotes of John Paul Jones one in particular is the second point of inspiration and focus I would like.

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