What is responsible for the rise

Blacklist story Blacklist domain A week before the last U. Less than three years later, the relatively calm Iraq that Maliki had led in was gone.

What is responsible for the rise

October 26,7: The police in North Carolina told ABC 11 that there have been 20 reported cases of sexual assault after using a dating app in Charlotte. Inonly 15 cases had been reported.

What is responsible for the rise

Muriel Huges told the Charlotte Observer. Me2Bot fights sexual harassment with AI in the office Despite the dangers that are associated with mobile dating apps, blaming a fluctuation in cases cannot be solidly correlated to apps. If authorities want to blame dating apps, they must start at the beginning: Of course, at the time, Match.

People were still looking for love online, though. In that period of time, Match.

Autism: Cases on the Rise; Reason for Increase a Mystery

Between toinstances of sexual assault have fluctuated between abouttocases per year. Dating apps might provide an easier way for people with sinister motives to meet potential victims, but those people have always been around. Adrena Harrell, a dating app user, said she felt more comfortable before meeting someone in person because of the communication options in the app.

Removing yourself from a dating app will not likely reduce the risk of going out with someone new, whether on a traditional date or for a one night stand. Even if you meet someone in person and feel like you know them, there's still a risk for intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

The cases that are mentioned in statistics are only the ones that are reported to authorities. That fact makes it more difficult to track the true number of incidents, define a trend, or point to a catalyst. In other words, a spike or drop in sexual assault is difficult to correlate with the rise of dating apps.

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Nevertheless, people should take extra precaution with online dating because not everyone is who they depict themselves to be in various digital spaces.

And it's always important to remember that the main cause of sexual assault is the individual that commits the heinous crime, and not the actions of the victim--whether using an app or meeting people in traditional ways, no one wants to be assaulted.

Police said has seen 20 cases from people using apps. Last year saw RAINN reported that sexual assaults have been on the downward trend and holding. Online dating services have been around for more than 20 years, weakening the argument that the apps are the problem.His book Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for nonfiction.

ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. Are dating apps responsible for a rise in sexual assaults?

In the view of those who see Obama as primarily responsible for the rise of ISIS, the original Bush strategy had been sound and was working until Obama’s full military withdrawal from Iraq opened up an avenue for the ISIS invasion. Jun 16,  · It is McCain’s foreign policy that is “directly responsible,” Ward said, for facilitating the rise of “ruthless” Islamic terrorism. Ward issued the following statement in . The rise of Boston Celtics guard Terry Rozier has been something to witness. Once just yet another Boston asset, Rozier is only a few months removed from being dubbed The Untouchable Terry Rozier, as Danny Ainge would treat the guard like a nuclear weapon whenever trades were rumored.

Not likely North Carolina authorities are concerned about a spike in sexual assaults of dating app users, but how strong is the correlation? Jun 16,  · It is McCain’s foreign policy that is “directly responsible,” Ward said, for facilitating the rise of “ruthless” Islamic terrorism.

Ward issued the following statement in . Capitalism and the Rise of Responsible Growth. Another force behind responsible growth is the rising financial power of women — who control an increasing percentage of the nation’s wealth — and millennials now between the ages of 19 and 35, who already outnumber boomers as the largest generation in U.S.

history. To identify someone or certain policies to blame for the rapid rise of ISIS, or the Islamic State (IS), would be short sighted.

The reasons for its rise transcends the Obama and even the Bush administration. It dates back generations.

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A week before the last U.S. soldiers left his country in December , Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki traveled to Washington to meet the team that would help shape Iraq's future once the .

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