Waste treatment system in batam municipality

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Waste treatment system in batam municipality

The commuter airline has completely stopped accepting bookings for its flights starting Monday as its one remaining aircraft, a seater, single-engine Cessna Grand Caravan B, developed problems with its blades. That compounded the technical problems the carrier has had with the propeller of its only other main workhorse, the seat ATR turboprop, which has been grounded since March It remains up in the air whether that plane will ever return to service.

But president Somphong Sooksanguan yesterday denied speculation the aircraft issues meant Kan Air was folding its airline business. He said that the Cessana aircraft should be repaired in the next few weeks. But there are no immediate plans to resume longer domestic flights, which were previously served by the ATR The airline is still considering options to rebuild its fleet with a couple of turboprops and an Airbus narrow-body jet.

Acquiring the Airbus would help Kan Air spread its wings internationally for the first time, flying to neighboring countries such as Myanmar, China and India. Kan Air has reportedly been holding talks with two prospective joint-venture partners.

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One is a tourism-related entity from China and the other has only been identified as a Thai investor. It was successfully conducted on a year-old man with a two-centimeter-diameter brain tumor, the hospital announced on Monday. He cautioned, though, that such advanced technology is costly — adding about Bt, to the usual cost of brain surgery — and is not yet covered in any Thai healthcare scheme since it requires close scrutiny by the medical team.

The technology and equipment cost Bt40 million and Thailand and Vietnam are the only countries in Southeast Asia to have the capability. Surgery Department chief Dr Wachira Kochakarn said the technology minimizes injury and recovery time since the robot-guided incision is so much smaller.

He said the incision in the skull is less than three centimeters in diameter and in the scalp just one centimeter. Whereas such surgery typically allows for an area of error of millimeters, robotic assistance reduces that to less than one millimeter. It also reduced the duration of surgery in this case to about half an hour and the patient regained consciousness in about 24 hours, Sorayouth said.

Destinations generally look better when there are fewer tourists. Hoards of tourists cause havoc to cultural serenity. So having fewer tourists who spend more is a very laudable objective for those who believe in saving heritage and natural assets for future generations.

Tourism does not save the environment even if you green wash it.

Waste treatment system in batam municipality

Unfortunately, it does the opposite. Phi Phi island is a classic casebook study of how tourism destroys communities and national assets while feathering the nest of a just a few investors. We can assume that behind the social media outcry that foreigners are bartering their way around the country, there is a genuine backlash by Thais to the damage tourism is inflicting on their way of life.

Even though the official emphasis is on counting revenue rather than visits, much more needs to be done to establish sustainable growth that takes into account what communities want to achieve rather than a handful of mega investors who control tourism.

Drug lord suspect Jonathan Michael Moorby, 45, fled England before his trial, which found him guilty in absentia of trafficking cocaine and amphetamines, including cocaine by the kilogram to Thailand.

Officers from Koh Samui police station and the Narcotics Suppression Bureau on Monday afternoon took a speed boat from Koh Samui to nearby Koh Mudsum and arrested Moorby, who had fled to the smaller island.

Representatives of Interpol also joined the operation. Police seized a fake passport held by Moorby identifying him as a Belgian citizen under the name Goossens Wouters. Thai police were earlier contacted by UK authorities and Interpol to help track down Moorby, who is wanted under a UK warrant for drug trafficking, According to their investigation, police discovered Moorby was staying on Koh Samui.

However, the son did not find Moorby at the hotel and police discovered the fugitive Briton had rented a boat to go to nearby Koh Mudsum. Police later arrested Moorby at a resort on the island.

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The Belgian passport belonging to Wouters had been reported lost in Thailand.Solid waste treatment system in Batam Government has conducted a 3R (reduce, reuse Municipality is managed by Dinas Kebersihan dan and recycle of the waste) campaign to community.2) Pertamanan (DKP) (Waste and Landscape Management Agency).

This management board selected the peri-urban village of Tanjung Riau on Batam Island to trial communal septic and solid waste management systems.

To manage solid wastes, the project organised waste collections and storage and treatment in the village. The Straits Times, 23 February Article also available on Microfilm Reel (SEZ), which may soon be upgraded to a municipality.

The Chinese leader arrived m Shenzhen on Monday under tight security, with streets near a 2 killed in brawl on Batam JAKARTA Two people were killed, three seriously hurt and eight others went missing early.

oil and gas in the Makassar Straits, off East Kalimantan, controlled by Unocal.

APSN Indonesia News Digest 49 - November December 5,

Development of the West Seno oil field, discovered in , will bring deep-water drilling to Indonesia for the first time. The Best Western Premier Panbil is ideally located in the center of Batam. Come and experience our hotel near the major tourist attractions.

Best price guaranteed and exclusive deals. aicep Global Parques: Sewerage System-There is a water treatment plant with an available capacity for exceeding requirements.

Waste treatment system in batam municipality

Solid Waste - A processing plant and a sanitary landfill are provided for solid domestic waste disposal. A separate landfill exists for solid waste and industrial.

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