The rh bill essay

So what is exactly RH Bill? Well, it just states that we could use birth control methods in our country legally. But what the hell is the point of this RH Bill? Condoms and pills are already sold on convenience stores and pharmacies.

The rh bill essay

That folks continued to fall for myriad varieties of these leg-pulls was in part attributable to netizens having caught so many references to these non-existent programs that newer versions of the hoax were able to continue building on an already partially-constructed platform of belief. Not even ones not yet listed on this page.

Likewise, missives which offer no explanation of how the e-mails are being tallied are also hoaxes. Unless you are e-mailing a copy to a central tabulating point every time something is forwarded on, nothing is being counted, traced, tracked, or any other verb that would result in you getting free cargo pants from the GAP or inspiring an unnamed millionaire to donate just a little bit more towards the care of an injured child.

With all that said, we can begin looking at the various forms this jape has so far taken. The following message began circulating on the Internet around 21 November Hello everybody,My name is Bill Gates.

Can you get free cash or merchandise for forwarding an e-mail message or clicking share links?

I have just written up an e-mail tracing program that traces everyone to whom this message is forwarded to. I am experimenting with this and I need your help. Your friend, Bill Gates I would hope that any hoax this badly perpetrated would die a quick death, but events have proved otherwise.

It is not possible, with current technology, to trace every single recipient of a multiply-forwarded mail message on the Internet.

The rh bill essay

If this message truly comes from the Bill Gates, how come the magic word Microsoft is nowhere to be seen? Or is this a different Bill Gates, one who is not the head of Microsoft, but still has idle billions to distribute? A few weeks later, a follow-up hoax popped up — possibly from the same source, but probably from someone much more adept at pranksterism who decided put an elaborate spin on the original: Early estimates placed the trace limitation of such a program at users.

The E-contest virus distribution vehicle was quite successful! Note the several outrageous anti-Microsoft tidbits placed in the message: And, of course, Bill Gates is laughing all the way to the bank — he got his software tested for free, at your expense.

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With an audience this gullible, somebody should write this software. In early the hoax was updated yet again, with some of its earlier flaws corrected: My name is Bill Gates.

Here at Microsoft we have just compiled an e-mail tracing program that tracks everyone to whom this message is forwarded to. It does this through an unique IP Internet Protocol address log book database. We are experimenting with this and need your help. Duplicate entries will not be counted.

You will be notified by email with further instructions once this email has reached people. Windows98 will not be shipped unitl it has been released to the general public. This hoax has enough lives to make cats jealous. It was resurrected in the spring ofthis time with a promise of free merchandise from Nike for randomly-selected participants: Dear Student,We at Nike are of the philosophy that the stronger the body, the stronger the mind.

It is because of this philosophy that we are offering free Nike shoes and clothing as part of a contest that all of you are invited to participate in. With the use of this new technology, we bring a contest to you.

We ask that you forward this e-mail to your fellow students. Thank you and good luck. May saw this hoax repackaged into an even more enticing form: Nike is proud to announce that we now not only lead the industry in technology used to develop high quality athletic shoes and apparel, but we have also recently entered into a joint venture with Microsoft.

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When you forward the message, we receive a notice telling us your e-mail address and the number of people that you forwarded this message to.

You will be notified by e-mail about how to obtain your free shoes or discount coupons.This is the foliage of destiny. Welcome back to our series, What does it really take to get into the Ivy League?While tests and grades are the most important part of your application, they alone are not enough to distinguish you from all the other kids who are applying.

Jan 01,  · Reproductive Health bill he Reproductive Health bill, popularly known as the RH bill, is a Philippinebillaiming to guaranteeuniversal access to methods and information onbirth controland maternal care.

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The rh bill essay

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RH Bill assures the availability and access to a full range of methods, techniques, supplies and services that contribute to reproductive and sexual health and well-being. With these, our number will become manageable and eventually, our country will be in progress.

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