The black cat by edgar allan poe suspense irony symbolism essay

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The black cat by edgar allan poe suspense irony symbolism essay

He emphasizes that he is not crazy and sincerely loves animals, but as the story gets deeper into the plot, you can clearly see that he is mad and the effect his craziness has on his disposition is severe. Both characters end up getting abused and killed by the narrator who blames the murders on the alcohol and not his corrupted state of mind.

By the time they do, the narrator has gone completely crazy, still excusing his mental state for his alcohol problem and refusing to take responsibility.

Therefore, it is evident that Poe uses certain literary elements to create a theme of, alcohol is a scapegoat used by individuals with an evil nature to excuse inappropriate behavior. Poe conveys this message through point of view, irony and symbolism. First person point of view effectively communicates the theme by showing how the narrator is going mad and how he blames his corrupting mental state on alcohol.

The narrator emphasizes his sanity in order to get sympathy from his readers for his alcohol problem so he can more easily blame his behavior on the alcohol. I grabbed the poor cat by the throat. The reader finds out that the narrator is not as innocent as he tries to come off as being.

The reader can infer that there is another problem, more complicated then alcohol. There has to be another cause. I was most fond of animals.

This information makes the reader predict what the narrator is going to do and how his disposition probably changed.

The black cat by edgar allan poe suspense irony symbolism essay

Poe uses irony when the narrator hung and killed his favorite pet, Pluto 6. As the story continues, the narrator once again blames alcohol for his violence toward his favorite pet which he once loved.

Using mythological allusion, Poe uses Pluto, the cat, to represent hell and the devil Pluto being the god of the underworld in Roman mythology. One last example of symbolism Poe uses is the new, white plaster on the wall. Just like the alcohol, plaster is used to cover something up.

He refuses to take responsibility for his behaviors by hiding the bodies and blaming them on alcohol. Saying Pluto the cat caused him to kill it quietly clues the reader in that really the devil is making him do these terrible deeds and not his addiction to alcohol.

He just finds it easier to blame everything on alcohol then to take responsibility for his actions. This further leads the reader to believe that the narrator is not abusing his animals and his wife because of alcohol, but because he is evil.

After reading the story, the reader can conclude that the narrator has a crazy and evil nature and it is getting worse everyday.

He abuses and murders his pets and family and blames his misbehavior on alcohol. The narrator refuses to think too deeply about his actions in fear of finding out what his real problem is. So, in not taking responsibility for what he has done, he simply excuses all of his problems on alcohol.

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