The achievements and influence of leslie twiggy hornby

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The achievements and influence of leslie twiggy hornby

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Leslie Hornby was the revolutionary woman who changed the idea of beauty in the eyes of the fashion industry and the entire world. She was found by Nigel Davies in a salon, while working as a shampoo girl. He saw her potential and immediately took her to get a haircut at a Mr.

Davies, who preferred to be called Justin De Villeneuve, was quite an interesting character with his past resume containing ex-model, ex-antique dealer, and ex-hairdresser.

He took her to Paris and a short while after her popularity grew, she was put on the cover of Elle Magazine, as well as Paris Match and the British edition of Vogue.

The business brought in millions. Since Twiggy was so young, Justin ran the entire business.

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She only had to agree to what she liked and put her name on it. The thought of a Model taking advantage of her success to start an enterprise was completely revolutionary.

Once again Twiggy paved the way for models like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell all of which opened highly successful restaurants, and made exercise tapes, clothes, calendars, posters, and many other products.

The enterprising aspect of being a top model was started by Twiggy and that influence is commonly seen in the business world today. She was like a fever that spread. Everyone wanted a piece of her.

Her pictures were everywhere. She had a completely new look that took the entire world by surprise. What a leap from Marilyn to Twiggy. They were almost completely opposite.

The current day Twiggy is Kate Moss. Her figure is strikingly similar TwiggyMoss Century of Models.

The achievements and influence of leslie twiggy hornby

Twiggy is one of those girls who has an extremely high metabolism and is healthy but just cannot gain weight. Twiggy, as well as thousands of other teenagers, went through years of thinking of themselves as ugly. Ironically, the thin frame that she hated was the thing that drove many girls and women to hate their bodies as well.

They saw all the pictures of thin Twiggy and aspired to look like that, but when they discovered it was not easily achieved it drove women to physical hate. This physical hate drove and still drives women to anorexia, bulimia, alcohol and drug abuse which leads us to one of the major differences between Twiggy and Moss.

Twiggy obtained her figure while remaining healthy, but Moss obtains her figure by resorting to drugs and alcohol abuse. Today fashion models on average are close to six feet tall and weigh barely pounds.

Fashion in the 1960s - Introduction

That is too skinny to be healthy. This current obsession with anorexia and bulimia glorifies the disease by putting these models on the front covers of magazines. The fashion industry should rethink how it portrays the female body so more women can feel comfortable about themselves and not be pushed towards eating disorders.

From Twiggy to Kate Moss, the fashion industry has been attached to idealizing such extreme slenderness, encouraging real women to hate their bodies and at extreme, develop anorexia or bulimia.

If these models are exemplars of ideal beauty, then the measure for women is that to be beautiful, starvation level is required. It appears that the media and the fashion industry would have the public believe that ultra thinness symbolizes beauty when in reality, the standard represents infertility, and premature death.

The public has to realize that Twiggy was different. Her slenderness was natural, and everyone should not set their physical goals to that of hers, because it is physically impossible.

She is the pivotal woman who changed the image of the ideal woman, and the face and body of fashion models. Her popularity allowed her to drastically increase a models income.

She showed the world that models no longer were just a pretty face but also shrewd businesswomen with enterprises of their own. Twiggy paved the way for the top models of today, and will always be remembered.

She was both modern and romantic.Twiggy, born Leslie Hornby, sprung to international fame in the late Sixties when the image of her androgynous figure and kohl-rimmed eyes turned her into a fashion icon.

In early , Lesley Hornby found herself propelled to the heights of international fame as the world's first supermodel - Twiggy.

With her waif like figure, boyish hair cut and striking eye lashes she created an image that would epitomise an era. Started a clothing line through Great Universal called the Twiggy Collection for spring/summer 14 Met her second husband Leigh Lawson on the set of Madame Sousatzka () in Jean Shrimpton, Penelope Tree and, of course, the extraordinary woman known as Twiggy (born Lesley Hornby) were, for several years in the mids, the heavily made-up faces of Swinging London.

Nov 07,  · Twiggy was born as Leslie Hornby in England in , and by age 16, she was leggy and extremely slender, with pouty lips, large eyes, and pronounced eyelashes.

Twiggy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Twiggy (disambiguation). Twiggy Born Lesley Hornby () 19 September (age 66) Neasden, London, England, UK Other names Twiggy Lawson Occupation Model, actress, singer Years active - present Spouse(s) Michael Witney (m.

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