Tda2 1 child and yp development a2 1

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Tda2 1 child and yp development a2 1

Uniform Dress Code - The Nursery provides a uniform to create a smart image, and to identify all staff members to all our families and visitors. Fit for work When we are working with children, it is a very demanding physical role which involves a great deal of energy, awareness and concentration.

Social Networking -Anything that is placed on the sites can be misconstrued by other people. Daily Risk Assessments - We have a daily risk assessment, in which we check inside and outside to make sure everything is ok before the children arrive.

Tda2 1 child and yp development a2 1

We have a chart in which has six different things that I check. For instance, in the outside area, when it rains we have a huge puddle at the bottom of the garden, due to the area not being fully straight and we have to put something in the way to stop the children going near that area.

The password rule helps to safeguard children from people who may harm them. Entering into the Nursery No-one is allowed into the area where the children are without being let in by a member of staff. If it was a minor incident which could be sorted without the need for my manager or room leader, I would sort it myself and report it to my room leader.

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There are approximately six different things to look at, and to tick of if needed, Outdoors: Safety of equipment, safety of floor, etc. Equipment, first aid, blockage of fire doors, etc.

C tender, loving, care. We would put all the children into the cot, Hayley and Lisa would then wheel it out, I would open all three doors and move all toys or equipment of the floor to prevent Hayley or Lisa from falling, they would then wheel the cot out to our fire evacuation point which is the Elysium.

We would not go back into the Nursery until the Fire officers had told us that we are ok to go back in. I would ask them for a password. The will not struggle to go to sleep and may often fall earlier than usual, they will then often have longer than there usual sleep.

They may not eat much of their breakfasts, dinners or teas, due to them feeling unwell, they may get very hot or very cold during the day and during their sleep. They may also often vomit, or cry. Outline own role and responsibilities in the event of a child or young person requiring medical attention - As i have not yet completed my Paediatric first aid, i would inform my Room leader, and ask if they needed anything doing whilst they are dealing with the child.

Child Development Theories

We have health and safety procedures which make sure both the children and staff are safe and way from harm Health and Safety at work ActManuel Handling Operations Regulations Coughing and Sneezing, children and adults should be encouraged to cover thier mouth and nose with a tissue and to wash hands after using or dispossing of tissues.

Cleaning, make sure you clean oys and equipment frequently. Cleaning of blood and body fluid spillages, all spillages of blood, faeces, salavia, vomit, nasal and eye discahrges should be cleaned up immediatle6y.

Laundry, should be dealt with in a sepearte dedicated facility.

Clinical waste, always segregate domestic and clinical waste. At the work setting, we also make sure that all staff are qualoified, although there are three staff whio are not fully qualified, they are never left alone with the children.

All the staff are aware of the policies within the Nursery, if for some reason any policies change, we are instantly notified. For the safety of the children we have locks on the doors, and an intercome and buzzer, when a parent comes to collect thier child, they have to buzz on the door, then we will pick up the intercom and ask who it is, if it is the person we believe it to be, we allow them in.

If for some reason we do not knopw the person, we do not allow them in until another member of staff knows who the person is, or until a parent or guardian of the child informs us. We also have a risk assessment check list, in which we do every morning and every afternoon, this is to make sure that every child is safe from the harm of broken toys or affected areas that are dangerous outside.

Evaluation Please evaluate how effective your skills and knowledge are on health and safety issues. It relates to my role in many different aspects, such as; - The workplace should be safe and not be a risk to your health. Apart from the two points, that I do not fully understand, every other part of this act, i understand and agree fully with.child or young person has been abused, harmed or bullied.

Identify the characteristics of Teaching Agency (formerly Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA)) assessment principles. Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people is a high priority in our society today. To. Inventor Michael Barry Gravestock Original Assignee Astrazeneca Ab Priority date (The priority date is an assumption and is not a legal by: MU Contribute to children and young people’s health and safety Learning outcome Outline the health and safety policies and procedures of the work setting Relationship Boundaries.

- Staff should not show any favouritism to any particular child/children or family. - Staff should treat everyone (including each other) with respect. 1. Understand policies and procedures for promoting children and young people’s positive child/young person development.

TDA Support children and young people's positive behavi by Tunde Sanusi on Prezi

Assessment. This unit needs to be assessed in line with the Training and Development Agency (TDA) QCF Assessment principles. The importance of consistency () What might have an effect on behaviour?

Describe with examples the importance of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children and young people’s behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures of. . Nov 14,  · CYP Essay. November 14, An example is the Foundation Phase Child Development Profile where at age 3 when children begin nursery they will be assessed in the 7 development areas.

Observations will recorded and this will be used to make provision for children according to their needs.

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