Sally case study havard business

In a multi-year study, researchers at the Harvard Business School first asked managers from dozens of different companies to rank the impact of five factors An interview with Daniel Goleman, Psychologist.

Sally case study havard business

On the other hand, independent living is defined as the social movement stating that Sally case study havard business facing with some disabilities should be given same life choices and civil rights that are provided to non-disable person. In the given case study, Sally is 42 year old and is suffering from various disabilities.

The users of health and social care services are people suffering from disabilities or patient or the people that are neglected from the society or care do not shown by the people Augusto, Sally is facing health issues such as tingling and numbness in foot, eye patch, and memory issues.

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Therefore, Sally requires health and social care services in order to improve her health. Assistive technology is considered as the object, item, system or device that helps a person to do the task in effective and safely manner. In case of Sally, the assistive technology specialist advised her to use eye patch in order to get relief of double vision.

Apart from that, alternate input method was considered by the specialist for the keyboard to Sally as it can help her to see the letters more clearly. Moreover, the person may not have the enough information about the technology and they may find difficulty in finding the available technology. On the other hand, the person may have lack of clarity regarding the funding for technology.

Therefore, the person may find the technology costly that may be tough for them to bear it Atia. In the case of Sally, she can have difficulty in remembering the time when to use the technology. For instance, in using the eye patch, Sally may feel irritation in her eyes that can increase her problem.

Moreover, it can increase headache to Sally and her efficiency in doing the work can slow down and also Sally may not have clear vision. On the other hand, using the keyboard with large letters may not last long as with passage of time, the letters can get removed which can be a problem for Sally in latter stage Augusto, Further, the spinner knob and left foot accelerator may be tough for Sally to adopt as she is not used of driving vehicle in such way.

Moreover, Sally may forget to use hand-held PDA on time or it can have negative effect on the memory of Sally.

Sally case study havard business

The barriers to the use of assistive technology can be lowered by taking right guidance from the assistive technology expert or specialist.

The specialist can provide right advice that which technology is effective for the particular health issues Brinkey et al. On the other hand, the family member of the patient has to remain alert that the patient is taking medication or using technology in prescribed time. The family member can assist the patient by making them remember to use the technology Bryant and Bryant, The users of health and social services can be able to improve their health quality and they can perform their work with more efficiency Choi, The users can have greater control on their lives and have interaction with non-disabled people.

On the other hand, the carers such as family and friends can be able to have better communication with the disable and strong relationship can be built.

On the other hand, if the users are using technology then the carers can have different opinion about the disable and they can provide much needed support to them Cih.

On the other hand, Sally is able to do her task more easily and efficiently due to the use of assistive technology. The eye patch helped her to get some relief from double vision and she is able to visualize the things more clearly and eye strain has been reduced to some extent Dell et al.

Therefore, the eye patch has helped Sally to do the work till expected hour. Apart from that, the hand-held personal digital assistant was effective in enhancing the memory power and skills that helped in remembering the time for taking medicine and doing other household or office activities Cornwall.

The assistive technology has provided great advantage to the health and social care organizations. In care homes, the assistive technology is helpful for the elderly people to do their activities properly.

For instance, the automatic calendar clocks can be effective for the old people that are not able to remember the particular day. On the other hand, in hospitals, the technology is also useful.

For instance, a virtual door and exit sensors can be effective for detecting the exit and entry of the patient from the room DeRuyter and Beukelman, Moreover, GPS tracking devices can be useful in monitoring the location of patient in the hospital premises.

Apart from that, technology can be valuable for schools too. The legislation sees that health and safety is ensured for all the employees in almost all work activity E-accessibilitytoolkit.

Sally case study havard business

Safe operation and upholding of working environment and system Continuance of secure access and egress to the workplace Right training to staff for ensuring health and safety Enough welfare provisions for employees at task Safe utilization, storage and handling of dangerous materials Hospitals: In using the assistive technology, the management of hospital has to provide training to the hospital staff in order to ensure health and safety to the disable.

This would help in improving the quality of health of people Elsaesser and Bauer, The workers or carer in the care homes has to be provided with safe working environment so that due care can be delivered to the elderly and the assistive technologies can be used in more efficient and productive way Federici and Scherer, On the other hand, the assistive technology specialist has to conduct a session so that client can understand the functioning of the technology.

In school, the premises have to be safe so that any child does not get hurt. An adequate welfare provision has to be provided to the staff so that they can check whether the assistive technology is performing or not Fleming and Sum, In the case of Sally, the consideration that can be followed in relation to health and safety is providing safe assistive technology.Sephora Case Study Discussion With Professor Uma Karmarkar.

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