Romeo and juliet audience reactions

However, there are many people who have never been to a live, interactive cinematic experience before Well, here is a quick run-down of the three main components of what makes Rocky Horror so freakin' amazing: If you know anything about British humor see Monty Python, or Absolutely Fabulousyou'll know it's one of the most bizarre out there. Depravity, singing, dancing, and eventually, mutiny round out the play.

Romeo and juliet audience reactions

In the final act, both Paris and Friar Laurence have entered the Capulet tomb. While Paris departs when he hears someone coming, he later returns and Romeo, having already entered, kills Whenever the student is asked to extend characterization of personages in a literary work, he or she should strive to generate actions and words that are "in character"; that is, whatever the character says or does should be consistent with previous words and actions.


While Paris departs when he hears someone coming, he later returns and Romeo, having already entered, kills him. Paris On his first entry Paris is under the impression that Juliet is dead. When he enters her tomb, he is overcome with grief and promises to bring flowers and weep at her grave nightly: The obsequies that I for thee will keep Nightly shall be to strew thy grave and weep.

Friar Laurence Knowing at what hour the potion will wear off, Friar Laurence enters the cell with the intention of waking Juliet. And, because Mantua has been quarantined, he will "keep her at my cell till Romeo come.

His grief and guilt may be in the form of a prayer: Dear Lord, Forgive Thy dear children Romeo and Juliet because theirs was too violent a love, too like the candle that burns itself out. It is I, your humble, but unworthy servant, who is responsible for their deaths, for I should have married them never.

To their parents I should have gone, just as I shouid never have left her side in that dismal catacomb. Would that I could return such an angelic soul to earth.

Certainly, there would be anger toward Friar Laurence as well as resentment, and the testy Lord Capulet would lash out at him.

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After his anger, then, would come tears and regret that he had insisted Juliet marry Paris. Lady Capulet would certainly berate the Nurse for not informing her about the activities of Juliet; she would regret not having been closer to Juliet, as well. Nurse After days of blubbering and crying, the Nurse would hang her head shamefully for having been the accomplice of Juliet.

Romeo and juliet audience reactions

Perhaps she would be sent away. Oh, my Juliet, my sweet! You confided in me in all things before.


Would that I had not urged you to marry Paris! Maybe then you would have spoken in my ear. My sweet girl, my heart breaks with every thought of you. Why did thou enter our lives.

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I rue the day ever I spoke to thee!Get an answer for 'Describe the reactions of the Nurse, Lord Capulet, Lady Capulet, Paris and Friar Laurence to Juliet's death in William Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet."' and find homework.

The tragedy of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ begins when a ‘chorus’ comes out and recites the prologue of the play. The purpose of the prologue is to familiarise the audience about . Orson Welles: Orson Welles, American film actor, director, producer, and writer whose classic Citizen Kane () is known for its innovative narrative techniques and its use of photography, dramatic lighting, and music to further the dramatic line.

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Vasily Medvedev and Yuri Burlaka, two fine choreographers of the Russian tradition, developed this version based on the historical scenography and original choreography of Romeo and Juliet Navigator is a complete online study guide to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Use it to understand the plot, characters, and themes. Copy quotes for your essay.

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