Poker machine should be banned essay

The Pros and Cons of Internet Gambling Will online poker be the revenue boost states are looking for? Nevada is the first state to make it legal for state residents to play poker online.

Poker machine should be banned essay

December 8, Bernie Horn We all know that some guns should be banned or severely restricted.

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Machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, silencers, grenades, and many other types of extremely dangerous weapons were essentially banned by the commonsense National Firearms Act NFA ofa law that was, obviously, upheld by the United States Supreme Court.

Recently, mass murderers in San Bernardino, Calif. It is the same gun that was used to slaughter 20 children and six faculty members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The question today is whether these modern assault weapons should be banned or severely restricted, just as other firearms have been restricted for the past 80 years.

Millerfocused on whether the Second Amendment allowed a particular gun to be banned. In that case, it was a sawed-off shotgun, meaning where the barrel is less than 18 inches long. The gun at issue was a double-barreled gauge Stevens shotgun that fired two shells and then the user had to hinge it open, remove the shell casings, manually insert new shells, and reclose the gun.

So it was among the slowest guns to fire multiple rounds. And yet, the Court considered it entirely reasonable and constitutional for Congress to decide that it was too dangerous for sale to the public. The Thompson fires a. In short, an AR or similar semiautomatic versions of modern military rifles are far more dangerous than the fully automatic Tommy Gun, which virtually everyone including the Supreme Court agrees is properly banned.

The parts or features of an assault weapon are not there to look scary as the NRA suggests ; they are there to make it possible for the shooter to do scary things. With these features, any deranged person can empty a round magazine as fast as he or she can pull the trigger five to 15 secondswhile maintaining control of the gun.

Put another way, assault rifles are just as dangerous as a modern military rifle because they are the same gun but fixed in semiautomatic mode.

For example, there are two models of the standard military M One has a switch that allows the rifle to be fired in full-auto bullets stream out as you hold down the trigger or in semiautomatic mode one shot for each pull of the trigger.

The other has a switch that allows the M to be fired in a three-shot burst or in semiautomatic mode. The AR is virtually identical to an M fixed in semiautomatic mode.

When soldiers fire Ms in semi-auto, it is exactly the same as if they were firing ARs. Would there be a rifle more dangerous than the one our infantry uses in combat? Nobody is arguing that the United States would solve its crisis of gun violence simply by banning assault weapons.

But why would any civilized nation allow them to be sold, as we do, to anyone? Surely you know that no other Western nation does. The Supreme Court just rejected an appeal from a federal appellate ruling that an assault weapons ban does not violate the Second Amendment.

The reason is the perceived power of the pro-gun movement and a lack of political courage from everyone else. Get updates in your inbox Subscribe to PM Update.The Culture Secretary has warned that gambling companies could be banned from showing TV adverts during the daytime and revealed that her children can recite entire commercials by heart.

Sure, why not?

Poker machine reform is popular in Australia: 70% of people agree that gambling should be more tightly controlled and 74% agree that people should be limited to spending an amount they nominate.

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Poker machine should be banned essay

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Email from Pokerstars today confirms Australia ban next month :( : poker