Paper recycle business plan

The process is known as Paper Recycling.

Paper recycle business plan

Additional case studies Gather Baseline Information: Document how much paper is used annually for all purposes i. Document all costs associated with paper use and document the environmentally-friendly qualities of current paper purchased.

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Set clear, measurable, incremental goals over a specific timeline for each major type of paper use - include cost reduction goals. Setting a long-term visionary goal of zeroing paper use while maximizing benefits could result in some significant shifts in practices i.

The solutions now exist for a paperless office - it's just our mindsets that need to change. Educate all employees about goals and display them in a high traffic location using easy-to-understand, fun charts and graphs. Design logos and develop slogans for use in the campaign.

Hold a kick-off event and encourage employees to share their ideas.

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Ask employees to "e-sign" a paper reduction pledge and, in general, encourage a "think before you print or copy" mentality. Follow and document the paper trail for each type of use i. The better each process is understood, the more likely improved, paper-free solutions can be found.

Implement applicable solutions from the list below for each type of use. Educate all employees about new practices. Create an easy-to-access, online paperless practices reference document explaining all practices.

Schedule regular meetings and report your progress to upper management on a quarterly basis.

Sustainable Environmental Technologies cc Business Plan – Recycling Project /01/18 2 of 10 A. Introduction This business plan has been drawn up as a basis for starting a process of creating or. Start Recycling Today! Recycling Bins & Recycle Containers for Order. At Recycle Away our goal is to help you create a winning recycling program that will make . All of Union County’s one day recycling events for are over. The recycling event schedule will be posted on our website and announced by the end of January.

Update the publicly displayed charts as goals are met and recognize and reward departments and individuals frequently for their accomplishments. Send out regular, entertaining announcements and reminders.

Update the online paper reduction reference document as practices change. Respond to employee feedback and alter programs as needed. Tout your accomplishments to your customers. Learn about how document management software can greatly increase productivity and discourage printing and filing of documents.

As needed, online backup tools such as Carbonite can automatically store a backup of documents online and provide easy, secure download access from any location.

Find helpful documents for your campaign at StopWise.Interwest Paper Inc. is a full service recycling facility for the Pro Recycling Group (PRG™). We are able to handle all of your business’ recycling needs, cardboard, paper, plastics, to glass, metal, and all other miscellaneous items.

Create a Paperless Office: Reduce Paper Use and Increase Productivity. We finally have the technology to create a paperless office - at this point it's a matter of embracing the new technology and providing training and encouragement for new business practices.

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paper recycle business plan

All Rights Reserved, NYC is a trademark and service mark of the City of New York. Privacy Policy. Terms of Use. The Recycling Office is the administrative and planning agency for County-sponsored recycling programs.

The office also oversees the operation of the Burlington County Regional Recycling Program. The plan will carry all the details of how your paper recycling business can be opened, executed and run successfully with satisfying return. Here are few things you need to care about.

Resource Required to open a recycle plant. Pratt Recycling is a subsidiary of Pratt Industries, the 5th largest corrugated packaging company in the USA and the world’s largest, privately-held % recycled paper and packaging company.

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