Neo scholastic essays for scholarships

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Neo scholastic essays for scholarships

Reformed scholasticism Following the Reformation, Calvinists largely adopted the scholastic method of theology, while differing regarding sources of authority and content of theology. Neo-scholasticism The revival and development from the second half of the 19th century of medieval scholastic philosophy is sometimes called neo- Thomism.

Repeated legislation of the General Chapters, beginning after the death of St. Thomas, as well as the Constitutions of the Order, required all Dominicans to teach the doctrine of St.

Thomas both in philosophy and in theology. It focuses not only on exegesis of the historical Aquinas but also on the articulation of a rigorous system of orthodox Thomism to be used as an instrument of critique of contemporary thought.

Due to its suspicion of attempts to harmonize Aquinas with non-Thomistic categories and assumptions, Scholastic Thomism has sometimes been called, according to philosphers like Edward Feser"Strict Observance Thomism".

Fabro in particular emphasizes Aquinas' originality, especially with respect to the actus essendi or act of existence of finite beings by participating in being itself. Other scholars such as those involved with the "Progetto Tommaso" seek to establish an objective and universal reading of Aquinas' texts.

neo scholastic essays for scholarships

Partly, this was because this branch of Thomism had become a quest to understand the historical Aquinas after the Second Vatican Council. Analytical Scholasticism[ edit ] A renewed interest in the "scholastic" way of doing philosophy has recently awoken in the confines of the analytic philosophy.

Attempts emerged to combine elements of scholastic and analytic methodology in pursuit of a contemporary philosophical synthesis. Analytical Thomism can be seen as a pioneer part of this movement.

It was thought that the best way to achieve this was by replicating the discovery process modus inveniendi. By reading it thoroughly and critically, the disciples learned to appreciate the theories of the author. Other documents related to the book would be referenced, such as Church councils, papal letters and anything else written on the subject, be it ancient or contemporary.

neo scholastic essays for scholarships

The points of disagreement and contention between multiple sources would be written down in individual sentences or snippets of text, known as sententiae.

Once the sources and points of disagreement had been laid out through a series of dialecticsthe two sides of an argument would be made whole so that they would be found to be in agreement and not contradictory. Of course, sometimes opinions would be totally rejected, or new positions proposed.

This was done in two ways. The first was through philological analysis. Words were examined and argued to have multiple meanings. It was also considered that the auctor might have intended a certain word to mean something different.

Ambiguity could be used to find common ground between two otherwise contradictory statements. The second was through logical analysis, which relied on the rules of formal logic — as they were known at the time — to show that contradictions did not exist but were subjective to the reader.

The first was the lectio: This was followed by the meditatio meditation or reflection in which students reflected on and appropriated the text.

Finally, in the quaestio students could ask questions quaestiones that might have occurred to them during meditatio. Eventually the discussion of questiones became a method of inquiry apart from the lectio and independent of authoritative texts. Disputationes were arranged to resolve controversial quaestiones.

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In this case, the teacher responded and the students rebutted; on the following day the teacher, having used notes taken during the disputation, summarised all arguments and presented his final position, riposting all rebuttals.

Arguments for the position taken would be presented in turn, followed by arguments against the position, and finally the arguments against would be refuted.

This method forced scholars to consider opposing viewpoints and defend their own arguments against them.The Scholastic Awards partner with organizations to offer students scholarships and Special Achievement Awards: Special opportunities to receive additional scholarships for works in certain categories or dealing with particular themes.

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