Mims reaccredited third time by nabh

The period of accreditation is from 30 th October to 29 th October Out of the 40 hospitals across India who had applied for accreditation, only 16 hospitals were picked out and MIMS was the only one to get selected from Kerala. During the assessment, NABH appraisers allegedly mentioned that Malabar Institute of Medical Science has the finest emergency medicine department amid the other leading hospital india. Slide 2:

Mims reaccredited third time by nabh

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I S B N 8 1 - 9 6- 8 Preface India, bounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges in the North and edged by an endless stretch of golden beaches, is the land of hoary tradition and cultural diverse. Vivid kaleidoscope of landscapes, glorious historical sites and royal cities, misty mountain hideaways, colourful people, rich civilizations and festivities craft India Incredible.

The delightful South India where Indian heritage is more intact has much to offer to this ancient tradition.

Mims reaccredited third time by nabh

In the modern age, man wanted to move around as he wanted to see places which had been alien to him hitherto. India is one of the prime places to fulfill the natural instinct of man to move from one place to another and get unperturbed.

Now, he is exploring places not only for satiating his thirst for seeing newer lands alone but people travel across the globe in search of health destinations as well.

With the most sought after professionals and excellent network of hospitals India is becoming the very hot medical tourism destination in the world. As in the magnificent past, nowadays India is extremely renowned for its coir, coconut, marine resources, tea and coffee.

The financial institutions are playing an important role in the growth of the country. This great historical soil turns out to be an abode of investment. The prime place is specified to real estate. Real estate is akin to a gold mine. In times of misery, it will yield gold. And, we are equipped for you with some illuminations which enhance her significance in the world map.

Anchor India depicts the most vibrant Indian scenario of medical tourism, banks, coir, coconut, coffee, tea, marine resources, space making and space makers along with amazing tourism maturity of the country.

Editor Advisory Board Padmashri Dr. Tony Chacko Adv. Renjith Adv.MIMS Reaccredited Third Time by NABH - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. MIMS reaccredited third time by NABH; MIMS, Malabar Institute of Medical Science, Calicut has been reaccredited by NABH for its superior health care services.

We are NABH accredited since We has sucessfully got the NABH accreditation for the third time and really proud to be one of the first NABH accredited hospital in malappuram district. MIMS reaccredited third time by NABH am, February 13, Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd.

(MIMS), Calicut is re accredited by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) for a further period of 3 years ie from Oct to Oct MIMS reaccredited third time by NABH MIMS reaccredited third time by NABH MIMS, Malabar Institute of Medical Science, Calicut has been reaccredited by NABH for its superior health care services.

MIMS is the first hospital in India which has been accredited by NABH for the third time. Aug 29,  · The inauguration of Khidma Medical Centre, Kannur City by Shri.

E. Ahmed, Hon. Union Minister of India in presence of Dr. Azad Moopen and Dr. P. Mohamed Ali will be held on Saturday 31st August at pm.

Khidma Medical Centre, Kannur, Kerala, India