Metadata coursework

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Metadata coursework

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Metadata coursework

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For more information, see terms of use and privacy policy. Not only will you learn SharePoint from the experts, but you'll also find out how to best leverage the cloud with SharePoint Online, which enables collaboration, intranet portals, and much more. Best of all, because Microsoft SharePoint training courses are available online anytime, you can get the information you need on your schedule.Metadata is information stored within a document that is not evident by just looking at the file.

It is an electronic “fingerprint” that automatically adds identifying characteristics, such as the creator or author of the file, the name of individuals who have accessed or edited the file, the location from which the file was accessed, and the amount of time spent editing the file.

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Metadata is important to many fields, particularly Computer Science; but this course is not purely a Computer Science course. This course approaches Metadata from the perspective of Information Science, which is a broad interdisciplinary field that studies how people create and manage information.

Taxonomy and Metadata Available as a self paced course only at this time. Students can go at their own pace and have six months to complete the course and take the final exam to earn their Taxonomy and Metadata Specialist certificate.

EWSolutions offers a full range of courses in data management, data governance, metadata management, data warehousing and business intelligence, data architecture and data modeling.

Metadata coursework

A centralized Metadata Repository is a common way to manage Metadata, becoming, “that single view of the truth.” but that’s not the only option – there are many new ways to manage it, she said. Metadata management tools help data lake users stay on course Effective metadata management processes can prevent analytics teams working in data lakes from creating inconsistencies that skew the results of big data analytics applications.

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