Impact of technological advancement on consumer behaviour

Mass media is a powerful technology that is designed to disseminate information to millions of people, and as such it is the primary tool of advertisers, marketers and promoters. Print Print media have been used for hundreds of years to convince people to purchase things. Before the days of computers, television or radio, when print was the only form of widely available media, print advertisements in the form of billboards, flyers, and magazine and newspaper ads were the only method of disseminating consumer information. In the 21st century, print media continues to play a major role in influencing consumer decision making, although its influence is waning in the face of widespread digital technologies.

Impact of technological advancement on consumer behaviour

By iResearch Services March 30, 0 Consumer behaviour as we all know is influenced by varied factors.

Technology can have positive or negative impact on social interactions

But in recent years, the market has seen a tremendous shift in the consumer behaviour. It has become more complex and the reason for the same can be attributed to technological advancement.

As a result of the technological impact influencing consumer behaviour, most company leadership face extreme hurdles as they find themselves ill-equipped to adapt to the fast technological changes.

How was it earlier? The reason for this can be attributed to internet aided Tablets and Smart Phones. The above argument clearly reveals that technology does have a role to play in influencing consumer behaviour.

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With the smart technological devices such as Phones, Mobiles and Tablets being improvised on a constant basis and their latest version being made available to consumers regularly, the old version becomes obsolete in as little as 6 months to a year.

The millennium companies need to definitely reinvent their strategies to keep pace with the change in consumer behaviour that is seen and felt. The below-outlined strategies is an attempt to guide companies that are receptive enough to adopt the needed changes to meet this shift in the consumer behaviour.

Stay Connected The majority of consumers today are well informed and active online.

Impact of technological advancement on consumer behaviour

With the world becoming a big global community due to technological advancement fuelling connectivity, it has become the need of the hour for companies to engage consumers at the place where they are and to meet their needs at the same place. For this reason, companies need to adopt the latest technologies so as to engage their active and informed consumers on the platform they are available such as Instagram or twitter.

Fulfil Consumer Expectations Gone are the days when companies dictated the time they were open and consumers had to either to buy the available product or forego it, if not available.

With the modern technological revolution of smart phones and eCommerce, consumers can go for the product they want at any given time. The modern consumer is fully aware of his or her purchasing power and will exercise it whenever they are dissatisfied with a product or service.

For instance, if a consumer wants a specific product at a specific time and you fail to deliver it, he might opt to visit other online suppliers who are ready to meet his or her need.

In the same way, a little disapproval of your product or service online by a dissatisfied customer is enough to trigger similar responses from other consumers who were till now satisfied with your services or products.

Opt for Newer and Latest communication Channels The traditional approach of providing information to consumers was done through emails and phone calls. Though these communication channels had its own hurdles and challenges, it was more in favour of the company as the company could decide which information to give out and when.

Impact of technological advancement on consumer behaviour

But the modern social media platforms with live chat options makes it mandatory for a company to answer the consumer queries immediately as not doing so would severely affect the brand image of the company as millions of other consumers also have easy access to the same.

Winning over consumers is not easy; it requires having strategies in place along with adoption of the latest technologies. Only those companies who realise this can hope to generate leads. Apart from the above, see here the other factors influencing consumer behavior.Title: The Impact of Technology on Social Behavior The Impact of Technology on Social Communication Abstract This study discusses the impacts technology has had on social behavior.

The change in The purpose of this study is to review literature on how technological advances have. Below are five key technological developments that show that technology is not only playing a critical role on the demand side, but one that is driving change in consumer behaviour at scale.

The main objective of the study is to find Impact of Technology Advancement on Human Resource * Challenges in human resource management from technological advancement * Importance of HRIS in human resource performance “Organisation Behaviour”, New Age International Publishers, New Delhi, First Revised Edition, Is it the consumer psychological state, consumer characteristic or bank attributes/technological services?

There are numerous studies on understanding customer satisfaction from the marketing perspective but comparatively psychological explanations of such behaviour are little explored.5/5(6).


Title: The Impact of Technology on Social Behavior The Impact of Technology on Social Communication Abstract This study discusses the impacts technology has had on social behavior. The change in The purpose of this study is to review literature on how technological advances have.

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