Iah201 final paper

In Milestone One, you selected an organization to analyze from the U. In Milestone Two, you submitted a draft of the policy research report and received feedback.

Iah201 final paper

Final Argument Paper This final assignment is designed to involve all of the main skills that you have learned during this course.

In particular, your paper should demonstrate the ability to construct a deductively valid or inductively strong argument, clearly and accurately explain your reasoning, use high-quality academic sources to support the premises of your argument, fairly and honestly evaluate contrary arguments and objections, and identify fallacies and biases that occur within the arguments or objections presented.

You will continue to build on the arguments that you are presented in your previous two papers. Provide a preview of your paper and a statement of your thesis in your opening paragraph. Clearly indicate whether your argument is intended to be inductive or deductive.

Follow up the presentation of your argument by clarifying the meaning of any premises that could use some explanation. Make sure to avoid committing logical fallacies within your argument e.

Additionally, the premises should be true, to the best of your knowledge. If one of your premises has a pretty obvious counter-example, then you should either fix the argument so that it does not have this flaw, or later, in your paper steps three through five you should address the apparent counter-example showing that it does not really refute the truth of your premise.

Arguments that are not valid, not very strong, commit fallacies, or that have counter-examples that are not adequately addressed will not receive full credit.

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Provide supporting evidence for the premises of your argument. Evidence may include academic research sources, supporting arguments arguments whose conclusions are premises of the main argumentor other ways of demonstrating the truth of those premises.

This section should include at least one scholarly research source. Reference at least one scholarlyresearch source. Defend your argument against the objection. It is acceptable to admit that reasonable people might disagree with you or that there might be an area in which your argument could be further strengthened, but you should do your best to explain why your argument is sound or cogent despite the objections.

Provide an appropriate conclusion. Must include a separate title page with the following:METRO Homepage MAINTENANCE NOTICE: Please be aware of occasional METRO website issues and disruptions to rider tools such as our METRO Trip Planner and Next Bus Texting.

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This will allow for your improvements over the course of In this section of IAH , plagiarized papers will receive a zero (not subject to change on revision) and I will file an Academic Dishonesty Report.

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Iah201 final paper
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