Guided writing activities for kids

What better time to get ready for the next school year! Everyone thinks that teachers take the summer off, but many teachers spend their summer getting ready for the upcoming school year while relaxing a little along the way.

Guided writing activities for kids

Write the word name or expanded form. Present tense verb Write the past tense form. Definitions of key vocabulary Write the correct term.

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Partner Pass Pair students of similar abilities and give each pair one dry erase board and a marker to share. Next, give them a set of task cards with questions or assign a page of problems from a textbook.

Be sure to provide an answer key for the assignment. As they complete the assignment, students take turns being the Recorder or the Coach. The Coach checks the answer with the key and they switch roles for the next task card. To see an example of an appropriate set of task cards for this activity, download the Subject and Predicate Task Cards.

You can create your own task cards using the blank task card template from Teaching Resources. Starter ideas are included in the side bar. Pairs Compare For Pairs Compare, both students will need their own dry erase board and a marker.

Create pairs of students with similar abilities and provide them with task cards or a textbook assignment as described above. Both students work the first problem independently without talking. They place their boards face down when finished. When both are ready, they flip their boards face up, compare answers, and discuss solutions.

They check their answer with a key or use a calculator to check math problems. Showdown For Showdown, students should be seated in cooperative learning teams. The task cards are stacked face down in the middle of the team and students rotate the role of Leader. The Leader flips over the top card and all students silently solve the problem or write the answer on their dry erase boards.

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They turn them face down to show they are ready. You can find a page of kid-friendly Showdown directions on Teaching Resources. Showdown Team Management Tips Teams of four are most effective for Showdown, but teams of three or five will work as well.The strategy works for coming up with writing topics, project ideas and solutions to problems, both inside and outside of the classroom.

And, interesting activities teach kids how to brainstorm, giving them practice so the skill becomes natural and easier for them.

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If you want to know how to teach kids to read using guided reading, you’re in the right place! This series will give you a strong foundation so you can teach guided reading with confidence!

Welcome to my blog series about guided reading! Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction. Noncompetitive Games and Group Activities This might be a good place to start if you teach kids and don't have training in teaching mindfulness.

guided writing activities for kids

(You might also be interested in the gratitude and five senses activities for individuals or groups, in the section below.). Activities for 2 Year Olds. These are toddler activities that are perfect for toddlers that are 2 years old.

Start the 7-Day Challenge with Your Toddler. Please note: This is just the age that we tried these activities in our house.

These activities may be suitable for other ages. As well as not suitable for your child that is of this age.

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Jun 19,  · Guided Reading and Managing Guided Reading Groups with Literacy Centers PLUS a FREEBIE! These sentence stem activities are great for the writing center at the beginning of the year.

just not to a large classroom. I have the Reading A-Z program as well as Raz Kids Author: Dr. Clements' Kindergarten.

5 Creative Writing Activities to Do with Young Writers