Goodner brothers inc case analysis

We will write a custom essay sample on Knapp 3. Sales reps like Woody were given unrestricted access to the accounting system where they could directly enter transactions. Sales reps also had direct access to inventory storage areas, and often delivered customer orders.

Goodner brothers inc case analysis

The complexdielectric constant was found to be a function of the frequency raised to afractional power. This analysis is directly applicable to electrochemical impedancespectroscopy.

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It offers a convenient method of accounting for the non-idealitiesalluded to in Analysis Using Simple Circuits. The impedance is affected by theinteraction between frequency and all of the physical and chemical processes thatrespond to that frequency change within the electrochemical cell and across thecorroding interface.

The result is that one process may have multiple closelyspaced dependencies on changing frequency. Or multiple processes may havesimilar but not the same responses to changing frequency.

The result is oftenmodeled as a phenomenological "RC" time constant the value of which may ormay not be associated with one actual physical process. Surface roughness or surface heterogeneitiesSlow reactions affected by frequencyDiffusion processes affected by frequency Warburg impedance Improper electrode spacingTransmission lineAn excellent discussion of the constant phase element can be found in J.

Use of constant phase element may be the only viable approach toextracting needed values from the impedance spectra when the complex chemistryprevents a kinetic model from being developed or when time and money precludean extensive study.

The dispersion of relaxation across frequencies results in an alteration of theimpedance spectrum.

Goodner brothers inc case analysis

For example, the equation for the simple circuit presented inthe section on Analysis Using Simple Circuits is: The angle of intersection with the abscissawould be 90o.

When the time constant RpC is dispersed across a range offrequencies, the semicircle becomes shifted and appears as in this figure.

Note that the entire semicircle would still be in the first quadrant butthe distance between the intersections at high and low frequency would be lessthan the value of Rp.

The quantity is the constant phase element. It defines theamount of depression below the axis in Nyquist format. It defines the amount ofdispersion for the relaxation process governing it.

The equation that describes theimpedance as a function of frequency for one relaxation time constant is 17 where j accounts for depression below the real axis e. This figure shows the effect of a relatively small amount of dispersion on theimpedance response to changing frequency in Nyquist format.

The polarization resistance is ohm-cm2, thesolution resistance is 10 ohm-cm2, and the time constant is 1 second. Attempting to modelthese spectra without accounting for dispersion would be wrong. Neglecting theeffect of the constant phase element during curve fitting could affect the estimate ofthe polarization resistance and could result in an erroneous estimate of thecorrosion rate.

One additional point needs to be made. The CPE has been writtenin a number of different ways, for example j and jA. When the latterterm is used, "A" is not equal to a capacitance.Goodner Brothers Inc; Dell Case Study; Analysis of Smoothies; Frito-Lay/Cracker Jacks Case Analysis; An Hr Manager's Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions; Anheuser Busch Marketing Case Analysis; Market Research Report of the Volkswagen Golf Vi.

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Madoff Case Summary - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. CAse Study on Madoff for auditing course. Based on this case study, we’ve come to the realization that the critical issue is the lack of internal control in Goodner Bros organization that leads to Fraud.


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