Essays for leaving cert english

The following paper was written by Dr. In the s and s we saw an explosion of new religious groups in America, many of which came to be labeled by their detractors as " cults. Further, since these were truly new religious movements, they all needed to grow and therefore to make converts, and they concentrated their conversion attempts upon young, idealistic, mostly white, and middle-class Americans.

Essays for leaving cert english

But then I am prone to hyperbole… So what can you do? More often than not I have seen this fail. I recall two examples vividly. So he panicked and just re-wrote his wonderful essay on childhood memories. But it had very very little relevance to the title.

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I remember him being disappointed when the results came out, and going in to view the paper, and my heart sinking when I started to read the all too familiar — and brilliant — essay from a couple of months before. Because no matter how great the essay is outside of the exam hall and this applies to all of your essays on Hamlet and poetry and the comparative too if it does not completely and consistently engage directly with the essay title then you are in trouble.

The second example was even more troubling. This student got hold of a short story that someone else had written and assured herself that because the original writer had gotten an A1 in Leaving Cert.

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English, then all she had to do was learn off and write the same short story in the exam and she too would get a really good grade in this section of the paper. She got 43 out of She changed nothing of the story she had learned off.

The central characters were neither unusual nor eccentric. I can completely understand the profound discomfort of walking into an exam completely unarmed, as it were. So what should you do instead??? Specifically you should collect: Inspirational quotes — collect them from those little calendars, or find them onlineuse song lyrics and even quotes from Shakespeare and your studied poets.

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Anecdotes — write a couple of word paragraphs which draw on funny or difficult or memorable experiences from your life. These should use the techniques of descriptive writing to draw the reader into the experience. Lists — one of the most effective and underutilized techniques known to man.

Or in this case teenagers. Actually teenage writers doing their leaving cert. You get the idea. Going in with a list of ideas on a wide variety of topics is the single greatest gift you can give yourself.

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It means you walk into the exam with lots of ideas swirling around in your head and all you have to do is select those which are relevant on the day. If you have no idea where to look for ideas on a given range of topics start here:e-BOOKS. There is a lot of interest across the region for electronic or e-books, books in digital form that can be read from a dedicated e-book reader such as the .

Three sample personal essays I wrote during my study for Leaving Cert English. My essays include; The tension between everyday treadmill and the gilded promises of life.

Short Story on the theme of courage and Short Story on Locked In Syndrome. Leaving Cert news, notes, tips & reviews from students on all leaving cert subjects with easy access to higher and ordinary exam papers and marking schemes.

Strategies for writing good introductions to discursive essays Sometimes more than one method can be used to start your essay. 1. The funnel method In this method, the first sentence is broad and general.

Essays for leaving cert english

It introduces your thesis, and each following sentence is narrower and more focused. Finally, it narrows down to your thesis. The parents of these converts, as well as the defenders of mainstream religions from whom the young people were defecting, had some hurdles to overcome in their fight against the "cults.".

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