Entrepreneurship theory motivation steve jobs

Impact of Situational Leadership on Performance and Motivation Impact of Situational Leadership on Performance and Motivation Leaders are role models who influence the culture, values, thoughts and actions of the organization and its people. The leadership style practiced by managers greatly influences the performance and productivity at the work place.

Entrepreneurship theory motivation steve jobs

Steve Jobs There were many traits that led Steve Jobs become the most successful entrepreneur of all time. His personality traits are role model for us in every way to achieve unimaginable success.

Entrepreneurship theory motivation steve jobs

A few of the traits that all the individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners can opt are: Strong Vision His vision for Apple was to develop products with simple user interface and elegant design would please greatly to all age groups.

He saw how companies such as Microsoft were able to dominate the software market by developing and then licensing their operating system to run on multiple platforms. He was strongly against that approach. He wanted entire control over the user experience which he achieved by reducing his software to run on Apple products and gained full control over user experience in hardware and software.

Strong Leadership The way he stood by his vision inspired his employees and granted great respect from his business partners and competitors. When he formed Apple in and the company was in financial crisis, he knew exactly how to get rid of almost all but a few of key products and projects that matched his vision.

That led the resources and funds for Apple to survive and turned its finances around. Steve Jobs did not invite users into his design studios.

He never depended on market research and never crowd-sourced the ideation process. Rather, he invited top designers incl. He and his team were dependent on themselves and their intimate feeling to develop products that users did not even think they needed such as the revolutionary iPod or iPhone.

Wonderful Thinking Many entrepreneurs before Steve Jobs were great thinkers. But Steve Jobs was one of the greatest thinker of all time. Steve was a showman. He knew people were doubtful to new ideas. He was also a self-admirer in a way that great entrepreneurs are great preachers as well.

That is why he was also known for great presentations and public messages. Exceptional Influence One of the things that Steve Jobs was able to do very well was to create a beyond reality field, both in positive and negative ways for him.

It helped to motivate his team to finish projects by desired deadlines regardless of how impossible they seemed.


He did this by addressing people passionately and having them see things from his eyes. He conveyed his vision repeatedly and had others believe in his mission. Survivor of Tough Times Even though at times he was weak and feeble due to cancer, he still assembled the strength to go to board meetings and even Apple product launches.

If anyone saw any videos or pictures of his last days of life, you could have realized how weak and underfed he looked. He believed that our time is limited so we must have the courage to follow our heart and intuition and everything else is secondary.

Ready to Embrace Failure After Steve Jobs built up Apple to be a multi-million dollar company, he was kicked out of his own company by the board over disputes on how he was running the company and his own personal visions.

Therefore, after he got kicked out, he ended up starting NeXT—a new startup computer company which developed a next generation operating system which was eventually used in OSXand then he soon became the CEO of Pixar, which turned the small animations studio into a global animation behemoth with massive fame.

Eventually Jobs redeemed control of Apple, but his failure of getting kicked out of his own company helped push him to gain more experience at other companies, and make Apple an even great company.

Entrepreneurship theory motivation steve jobs

He principally took the same concept and produced the original Mac, with a blend some enhancements and his vision. Steve Jobs even believe that good artists copy, great artists steal so he was never hesitant of stealing great ideas.

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Steve Jobs is one of the most prominent and well known technological entrepreneurs of the modern century. Steve Job was the brain child behind the now world renowned company Apple Inc. which he was the co-founder, chairman and the CEO. Search Results of Steve jobs motivation.

Check all videos related to Steve jobs motivation. Entrepreneurial Motivation Scott Shane University of Maryland Edwin A. Locke we believe that the development of entrepreneurship theory requires the role of the human motivation in the entrepreneurial process in recent entrepreneurship research.

Consequently, we are left with theories of entrepreneurship. Take inspiration and motivation from some of the biggest names in the business world. Their fears and trials did not bog them down; rather their perseverance made them undisputed champions. Entrepreneurship Theory Motivation Steve Jobs.

people’s eyes the father of modern business, the face of entrepreneurship, role model for many an aspiring entrepreneur with his innovative thinking, his ruthless competitiveness and his ability to connect with the masses. No man has captured public imagination in recent times, rising to be a cult figure, a hero of the people, with the world.

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