Discursive essay on bullying at school reflects a lack of tolerance in society

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Discursive essay on bullying at school reflects a lack of tolerance in society

We have both worked at mediation, facilitated restorative conferences, and offered counseling and conflict coaching to individuals.

We have developed undercover anti-bullying teams and led groups dedicated to eliminating violence. But all of this work has never, to our knowledge, been brought together in a comprehensive systematic program.

We were interested in what kinds of processes would be needed to make relationships between people in a school community a deliberate focus of attention.

We also had a perspective on conflict resolution in mind that we wanted to elaborate. It draws from a robust set of ideas known in different places as poststructuralism, social constructionism, and postmodernism, although we would caution that we do not endorse every expression of these concepts.

The practices of narrative therapy and community work are present in a range of practices represented in this book. We have never before brought all of these practices together in one place.

This book is an attempt to do so. We want to address the needs of school leaders who are interested in designing a school climate in which conflict is effectively managed. And we also envisage an audience of school counselors and psychologists who are intimately [Page viii]involved in implementing many of the strategies outlined in the book.

The dual professional audience reflects a conviction about the need for partnership between policy and practice, between designing programs and implementing them. In this book, we often take readers into the micro-practice of detailed conversations. We realize that this detail will not always be necessary for school leaders to master, but we want them to understand how these practices work in order to be able to support the school counselors and psychologists who will implement them.

We also want the same school counselors and psychologists to play a role in the design and construction of systems of conflict management in a school, rather than leave all such decision making and policy design to school leaders.

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We often refer to the school counselor as the skilled practitioner who will implement these practices. Some school counselors, however, have the expertise to do this work but may choose not to. Often it might be a school psychologist, sometimes a school social worker, and sometimes a youth worker who implements the practices.

There are also many teachers who are interested in and capable of taking up some of the practices outlined in this book. In different places, there are various designations of professional roles that can be involved. We often hear that school counselors are just involved in class scheduling and are not trained to do real counseling or conflict resolution work.

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We feel this is an excuse for poor standards of professional work. Our intention is to provide tools to those who aim for high standards of professional practice. School leaders should expect no less from their school counselors.

There is compelling research support for the efficacy of restorative practices in schools, for mediation practice in general across a variety of settings including schoolsfor anger management groups, for undercover anti-bullying teams, and for counseling.

But the idea of bringing all these ideas together into a program is still in its infancy, and we are looking for opportunities to work with schools willing to implement them in a serious way. Research confirmation of the worthiness of doing so must follow the further development in practice of these ideas rather than lead it.

This is a book about practice. John supervised Mike's final dissertation and encouraged him to continue to apply narrative ideas in his work as a school counselor. By chance, it happened that Mike was working at the same school where 10 years earlier John had also been a school counselor.

Discursive essay on bullying at school reflects a lack of tolerance in society

Mike renewed contact with John as he began to develop the undercover teams approach in his work with bullying. Together they started to articulate this work through writing several articles about it. Conversations and writing efforts began to include a focus on mediation as well, and gradually the idea of writing a book that advocated for a comprehensive program started to emerge.

The book has gradually taken shape through many e-mail exchanges, occasional phone or Skype calls, and annual meetings in New Zealand.

SinceJohn has been based in California but still makes regular visits back to New Zealand and also to Edgewater College, where Mike still works. At California State University, San Bernardino, John has taught school counseling and has developed a sharper feel for how these practices can take shape in an American context.

The writing of this book is based on a partnership across two countries: New Zealand and the United States.Why children with autism often fall victim to bullies can be instrumental in promoting tolerance and encourage difference and individuality. increased vulnerability to bullying, such as on.

Peter Kent is the Deputy Principal at Richardson Primary in the ACT. This article describes that school's recent experience with "Smart Boards" - an interactive computer display which allows the teacher to work through and navigate various software and the Internet from .

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Discursive essay on bullying at school reflects a lack of tolerance in society

Further complicating recognition, researchers suggest that horizontal violence may be so ingrained in the nursing culture that individual nurses do not recognize it . Aluedse, ). With bullying cited as the reason for violent, gun-related crime in the past few years, school districts as well as national governments have put anti-bullying policies in place.

Bullying is a complicated phenomenon, involving more than one child demanding lunch money from a smaller child. Violence in the Community While bullies, gangs, weapons, and substance abuse all contribute to the fear experienced by many of today's students, violence in America's neighborhoods and communities cannot be overlooked.

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