Cool time periods to write about

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Cool time periods to write about

How To Make a Timeline examples: The way we think about time is learned. Over the eons, different cultures and peoples have held different beliefs about the nature of time.

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Western historical thought is based on certain assumptions about the nature of time. When we make a timeline of historical events, we create a graphic representation of how we in Western secular society think about time. We link units of time with events. We make a sequence that suggests a past, present, and future.

The direction says that time and history proceed in a line, not a circle. Portrayed in a line, events are unique in history and do not repeat themselves in exact ways. Sequences in a timeline, where some events happen before others, also suggest the possibility of cause and effect.

They suggest that events exist in relationship to one another, in a context. Thematic timelines suggest turning points, linear trends, and progressions, whether or not these exist in fact. Thus, making a timeline allows one to plot events in a graphic way, to see possible relationships, to help memory, and to grasp sequence.

Plot History on a Line Decide what the timeline will show: How will you choose which events to include and exclude?

cool time periods to write about

Make a list of events that you wish to put on your timeline. Research and note the specific dates when the events that you wish to include occurred.

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It is a good idea to note your source stoo, so that you can return later and verify the dates, if necessary. List the events in a chronology, a sequence of earliest to latest. These decisions may be a matter of trial and error, based on the size of your paper.Stay cool and comfortable with LG air conditioners that give you the power to maintain the perfect temperature all year long.

Explore our collection. Timeline - ReadWriteThink. The more you learn about any period, the more interesting it becomes. Pick the book with the prettiest cover out of the history section, or read about a person because you think they have a cool name.

cool time periods to write about

Aug 03,  · The countdown to the rocket launch by a supervillain, the shattering of the sky, the leaks that implied we were about to race through historical time periods.

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