College changed my life

Total price College also prepared me well for employment, because I did not know what to pursue while in high school. I pursued a degree in business, and I am working my way to being a C. O at the moment.

College changed my life

On October 5, Dr. It was local; it was inexpensive; and it was less of an investment for a young high school graduate who hadn't yet mapped out his future. In those days, Canton J.

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But Canton has grown since then, becoming Spoon River College, getting its own building, and expanding into four different physical campuses and a thriving online component. That development perfectly mirrors the growing importance of community colleges across America.

On October 5, that growing importance will be recognized as Dr. Because, were it not for my time at Canton, I would never have decided to become a junior high school social studies teacher. And had I not taught civics, I would never have decided to get involved in local politics.

College changed my life

Now, I can't say that attending a community college will necessarily lead you to a Cabinet position. But I can say that my experience at Canton helped me find my way in the world.

And I can say—without any doubt—that as you begin considering higher education, community colleges offer a tremendously valuable opportunity.

You just don't know what you might learn.You asked why I use the Rife frequency machine and drink so much high alkaline water.

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You want to know my story, so here it is - the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Community College of Rhode Island is the largest community college in New England and has been a leader in education and training since Faculty and staff are committed to ensuring student success.

Telling people I was going to community college would wipe the smile right off their faces. John Kralik was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and attended the University of Michigan for college and law school.

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He practiced law for 30 years, and was a partner in the law firms of Hughes Hubbard & Reed, Miller Tokuyama Kralik & Sur, and Kralik & Jacobs. These are 7 ways college has helped, and changed, me.

College changed my life

College has helped me learn how to socialize. Sure, I already knew that- but I was awful at it.

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Social situations made me so nervous I tried my hardest to avoid them. It has improved my life in ways I didn't even imagine it could. I am beyond happy out here and so grateful I found Ship.

Like community colleges, Northern Pennsylvania Regional College is an open enrollment College. No tests or entrance exams are required. All you need is a high school diploma or .

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