Civil war reconstruction essay example

The farmers had not anticipated a division of the country into warring sections. Emancipation was a major force for the Northern war aims, but the problem became larger when questions arose on how far the federal government should go to secure freedom and civil rights for former slaves. The debate that followed led to a major political crisis. Advocates of a minimal Reconstruction policy favored quick restoration of the Union with no protection for the freed slaves beyond the prohibition of slavery.

Civil war reconstruction essay example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Because of the weakness of its industrial base the south depended on the outside world for most of its manufactured goods.

These blockades created a lack of items the forces needed to maintain, such as food. And with Southerners refusing to switch stable crops for food it was a recipe for disaster.

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The problem was much less in the North, because of the strength of the overall economy. War taxes were much easier to collect and bond issues were more successful. As the confederate government fell deeper and deeper into debt and printed more and more paper money, its rate of inflation soared out of sight.

By August a Confederate dollar was worth only eight cents in gold McPherson, Diplomacy should be looked at as another factor for the South losing.

Graebner wrote that diplomacy reflects the status of power and Europe insisted that the Confederacy would Civil war reconstruction essay example get any recognition until it showed the power required to establish and maintain its independence this was something that lacked economically for the South Donald, p.

The most critical period of diplomacy during the Civil War was between and During this time the South Civil war reconstruction essay example trying to gain major foreign powers to see its need for independence and to break the Union Blockade.

There was hope that England and France could be persuaded to involve themselves in the war on the Confederate side.

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The last two and a half years of the battle there were more radical war measures used that were instrumental in the win for the Union. This was a tremendous help for the North. Andrew Johnson, who became President after Lincolns assassination tried to put the Union back together on his own authority in McPherson, It was then that his policies got him into trouble with Congress and the Republican Party that started the most serious crisis in the history of relations between the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.

Johnson seemed likely to punish southern traitors and prevent them from gaining or regaining political influence. Only after time did we begin to see disagreements between the President and the Republican majority in Congress McPherson, Johnson placed North Carolina and eventually other states under appointed provisional governors chosen mostly from among prominent southern politicians who had opposed the secession movement and had rendered no service to the Confederacy.

The governors were responsible for calling constitutional conventions and ensuring that only loyal whites were permitted to vote for delegates.

You see Johnson was a fervent white supremacist. Once these conventions met, Johnson urged them to do three things; declare the ordinances of secession illegal, repudiate the confederate debt and ratify the Thirteenth Amendment that abolished slavery. Johnson was pushing for state autonomy and this would not happen because of the race riots happening in New Orleans.

This gave an opening for the Republican majority in Congress to increase to two thirds in both houses and the radical wing of the party gained strength.

Congress was now in a position to implement its own plan of reconstruction. This was referred to as Radical Reconstruction and was a compromise between genuine Radicals and the more moderate members within the party McPherson, p. The main principal to these policies was that even the poorest and most underprivileged would have access to the ballot box.

The problem was how to enforce it under conditions then existing in the postwar South. Johnson did not approve of this new policy and tried to stop this by dismissing officeholders who sympathized with Radical Reconstruction. Congress then passed laws that limited presidential authority over Reconstruction.

Johnson objected vigorously to these restrictions on the grounds they violated the constitutional doctrine of the separation of powers. When it became clear that the President was resolute in fighting for his powers and using them to resist the establishment of Radical regimes in the southern states, some congressmen began to call for his impeachment McPherson, p.

The failed impeachment effort was an embarrassment to congressional Republicans, but it did make sure that Reconstruction in the South would proceed as the majority in Congress intended. During the trial Johnson helped influence the verdict by promising to enforce the Reconstruction Acts and he did what he promised during the remainder of his time in office.

Economic growth for the nation after the Civil War was slow and painful.

The Economy

On the other hand the Northern agriculture and manufacturing increased. But it was the railroad system that developed economic growth.

Civil war reconstruction essay example

Over 35, miles of railways were laid between the years and McPherson, p. But with the railways there was labor unrest and industrial violence that disrupted the country again and gave Americans renewed fears.

But with Grants re-election in there was a renewed sense of strength in America. In March he crossed the west bank north of the city and moved his forces to a point south of it, where he joined up with navel forces.

The bold move Grant made cut himself off from his sources of supply and marched into the interior of Mississippi. His troops still won several battles with two separate Confederate armies before going on to Vicksburg from the east.

The Union had secured control of the Mississippi and had won a major battle in the East.Reconstruction Essay essays Reconstruction was the period of 'repair' after the civil war. It was to repair the North and South, politically, socially, and economically.

It was also to rejoin the South back into the union, as it had succeeded during the civil war. President Lincoln wanted. The Problems of the Reconstruction after the Civil War Essay Words 4 Pages After the conclusion of America’s Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln pitched the idea of “Reconstruction,” which would bring the southern states back into the Union.

You just finished Post-Civil War Reconstruction in the work! Previous Essay Next Essay. Tip: Use ← → keys to navigate! Essay The Primary Goal of Reconstruction after the Civil War Words | 4 Pages After four years of fighting between the Union and the Confederacy in the American Civil War, it was finally decided in that the 11 southern states that seceded from the nation would be restored into the Union once again.

The Civil War And Reconstruction - The Civil war and Reconstruction, both had profound effects on america in various political, economic, and social ways. both of these periods in time had different effects depending on the area which can be divided as the North and the South.

- The Reconstruction Reconstruction is defined as the period following the Civil War in which the Republican-dominated Federal government sought to reunite the Union; the measure included drastically remodeling Southern society in order to secure equality and independence for blacks through granting them various freedoms.

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