Case study on social entrepreneurship in india

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Case study on social entrepreneurship in india

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Case study on social entrepreneurship in india

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This article seeks to broaden existing understandings of women's entrepreneurship by focusing on less studied types of ventures and contexts—namely, a social entrepreneurial venture in India.

A case study analysis was used to assess two primary areas of interest: (1) elements of empowerment embedded in the venture's business model and (2. GOOD INCUBATION IN INDIA SUMMARY GOOD INCUBATION IN INDIA Strategies for supporting 2 The landscape of social entrepreneurship and incubation in India 11 PART TWO 6 Conclusions and future directions 38 PART THREE CASE STUDIES AND TOOLS FOR INCUBATORS 43 7 Case studies 44 8 Resources and tools 66 .

Social Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice details how social entrepreneurs solve pressing and seemingly insurmountable social problems.

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