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May 3, Author: Pundit Planet Filed under: Venezuela is not the first developed country to put itself on track to fall into a catastrophic economic crisis.

Business planet sur euronews

The service was designed for viewers who "watching news is not an option" by providing a direct simulcast to the TV channel, with "No Comment" segment being replaced by music. The music of the bulletin openings are also transmitted on Euronews Radio.

Weather reports are read by a female announcer. Africanews On 20 Aprilthe French subsidiary of Euronews launched an African version of their news service called Africanews in French and English.

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The resulting partnership became known as Euronews NBC. Editorial control is fully handled by Euronews' teams, with NBC only focusing on planning and coordinating tasks. On 9 MayEuronews split its service into 12 language-specific editions, of which nine have a linear TV channel with its own language voiceover, but now including contents, on-air graphics except for some segments and its lower-third news ticker in the language.

Business planet sur euronews glocal strategy allows the language editorial teams to personalise the content and presentation of their channel, not only by sharing own-produced content with other languages, but by producing content that is relevant to local audiences, and allowing local reporters and presenters to appear on camera in all its language editions.


The splitting process finished on 24 May It was first anchored by former RT correspondent Tesa Arcilla, which anchored it in a temporary basis. Some weeks later, former France 24 presenter Belle Donati began presenting the show, alternating with Arcilla; after she moved to Brussels in September, she became the main anchor of the slot.

Two months later, on 17 July, Euronews debuted a six-hour breaking news show, Euronews Now, anchored by Tokunbo Salako, covering the dayside and afternoon slots. On 3 September, the new evening programme lineup was launched, starting with a politics-focused show, Raw Politics, hosted by Tesa Arcilla, and featuring former Sky News reporter Darren McCaffrey from Brussels.

Two weeks later, on 17 September, the full roll-out was completed with the introduction of a 5-hour evening rolling news show, Euronews Tonight, presented by former Sky News and BBC News presenter Sam Naz.

Most overnights now repeat the previous day's edition either full or half length of Euronews Now. New weekly programming is also being produced, including the weekly interview series Uncut, which feature conversations from political leaders and newsmakers worldwide with minimum to no editing.

Additionally, a new social media unit was created, with journalists with a background on digital news verification leading it. The newly-created team help to produce The Cube, a social media segment during rolling news shows, focusing on analysis on treatment and reactions about news headlines on social media, with special attention at the major stories of the day.

business planet sur euronews

No Comment, a long-standing element of Euronews' programming, remains on the channels' schedule, and it's being gradually integrated into the rolling news shows on the English-language channel. Borges broadcast live during 10 days as the new Italian far-right government denied the Aquarius access to Italian ports.

The coverage made headlines on many news outlets worldwide, and helped Euronews boost its credibility and its audience.

As of Septemberthe other language editions are unaffected, with the pre-produced blocks of video content remaining at all times, although there are plans to introduce presenter-led programming during the morning slots on these other channels.

It also began to secure availability on multimedia platforms such as IPTV and digital media. The application is free of charge and is available on Google Play and the App Store. The following countries also broadcast Euronews through terrestrial channels for a limited amount of time: Eu Sweden in Russian.Local Business Directory; George Krieger captured video and photographs of a bloom of the miscroscopic plants in the coastal town of Big Sur.

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