Apus 1985 dbq

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Apus 1985 dbq

Though they were good, the articles didn't provide America with a very effective government. Since the people were afraid of a centralized government that would become too powerful, they decided to move most issues to a state level, rather than a national one.

This is problematic because of it's economic effects, and because of the effects on politics and the limitations of the federal governments. Then, afterthe inevitable happened: Though the population continued to steadily grow, the economy ceased to. Infact it dropped by almost dollars, which isn't a lot of money now, but back then, it was a gigantic drop, especially considering all of the war expenses.

Comparing the two time periods, and America's economy was at its best under British rule. The one pro that the articles brought on was the trading via the Mississippi River, though the treaty would be limited to 25 or 30 years.

By assessing the numbers posed in document B, it is blatantly obvious that the Americans hadn't a clue as to how to run a country. The nosedive of the economy also had to do with the fact that the Articles of confederation didn't allow the federal government to tax, so the printed money meant nothing at all.

John Jay writes "What I most fear is, that the better kind of people, by which I mean the people who are orderly and industrious, who are content with their situations and not uneasy in their circumstances, will be led by the insecurity of property, the loss of confidence in their rulers, and the want of public faith and rectitude, to consider these charms of liberty as imaginary and delusive.

By having the great politicians scared, one can assume that the people are even more scared.

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Released DBQ's, FRQ's AP Test Banks by Topic 4 DBQ Populist Revolt 1 2 DBQ A Results of a Rev War 1 DBQ Alien & Sedition 1 DBQ Art of Confederation 1 DBQ Colonial Sectionalism 1 DBQ Revolutionary War Sample Essay Answers_pdf Sample Essay Answers_pdf.

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Apus 1985 dbq

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jdhka. rubric at the end of this document to be sure you are meeting the expected criteria for the assignments. 1. Alex Xochicale Period 2 10/20/15 AP US History Ms. Schmidt AP US History DBQ Final Draft Throughout history, most events cause some change that create the butterfly effect for other events to.

Apus 1985 dbq

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